Updating Your Current Image Fashion Update

As we live, new hopes, goals and interests both personally and professionally create a need for our image to change to reflect who we are, what we have accomplished and how we want others to perceive us based on those new additions to our lives.

Whether you are moving to the next level in your career or facing new challenges in your personal or professional life, your image matters. Your appearance is your packaging. Do you look like a plain brown box-or are uniquely wrapped and styled so that you are the one who catches the attention of the people who meet you.

You have worked your entire life perfecting your product -your skills, talents, personality and your personal appearance. Looking good equals feeling good. Each complements the other, building your self-esteem, confidence and giving you the competitive edge.

As you make the changes in your life, your image needs to be updated to reflect those changes and who you have become. Incorporate into your image update all of the things that supports you as a person. The Body:Gram Fashion Tool is like having your own personal stylist in your pocket or in your purse. All of your clothing worn in the proper placement for your proportion supports you completely. Knowing you look your best is priceless.

Plan to spend time each year in updating your image to reflect your current lifestyle. Add and subtract clothing items that are outdated, no longer fit or are no longer appropriate to the activities in your life. Turn your wardrobe into a working wardrobe rather than a hanging wardrobe. Use your personalized Body:Gram Fashion Tool to help you determine more accurately which items of clothing in your closet will stay and which items will find a new home.